Project development and application

We are your port of call for up-to-date information about developments in funding programmes and political priorities. On behalf of our clients, we develop comprehensive project concepts and strategies.

Within tight deadlines, s.Pro:

  • Scans the current opportunities for applications (calls for proposals),
  • Translates a client’s identified problem into fundable project themes or supplies a creative project idea to fit a client’s activity profile,
  • Searches for partners and puts together a strong consortium,
  • Guides the application process with interactive project development meetings and partner communication,
  • Develops the logical framework, work plan, project budget,
  • Highlights the unique selling points of each proposal,
  • Assists the formulation of the written application (whether project application or tender proposal), making sure all the administrative requirements are met and submitting the application on time,
  • Follows the process of the evaluation, lobbying for our clients’ interests and applications where appropriate,
  • Analyse any feedback received once the process is completed.

Samples of projects:

Baltic LINes
EcoDesign Circle


International funding programmes:


s.Pro is founding and managing partner of the SUBMARINER Network, which brings together an unlimited range of public and private actors from all Baltic Sea Region countries in order to promote and realise activities necessary for using marine resources innovatively and sustainably.

s.Pro manages the European MSP Platform financed by the EU Commission in order to provide administrative and technical support to Member States in implementing the MSP Directive through an inter-active website, focal points in all EU sea-basins, targeted technical studies and facilitation of MSP related workshops and conferences.