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"EcoDesign Circle" project has been extended

The European Union and its Member States want to work towards a circular economy where resources are used in a more sustainable way. Design plays a crucial role as fundament for it by reducing negative environmental impacts from the very beginning and enabling new business models. Extension project “EcoDesign Circle 4.0” aims at increasing the capacity of designers and enterprises in developing SERVICE-based approaches for a circular economy.

During the regular “EcoDesign Circle” project competences of designers and design centres were raised: the ecodesign methodology is comprehensive and directly applicable for the PRODUCT-level. But the regular project also revealed shortcomings: (1) More emphasis on SERVICES is needed that allows to establish necessary circular business models (e.g. carsharing). As services in a Circular Economy are closely linked to digital infrastructure (e.g. online platforms), opportunities for digital infrastructure need to be particularly considered. (2) In order to roll out our ecodesign offers we need more experts and trainers with “dual knowledge” both on design and circular economy / sustainability. (3) Policy and public need more awareness on ecodesign as it is an enabler for the transition from a linear to a circular economy.

The extension project also aims at increasing awareness and know-how in public authorities on ecodesign as a core instrument in the transition to a circular economy. We want to attract new match funding resources for making ecodesign a key instrument in this process. For achieving this we develop a policy recommendation paper for policy decision makers by showcasing “design potentials” and outlining needs of supportive structures to push “sustainable design solutions”.

All activities will be framed by communication measures based on a joint communication and marketing strategy that combines all outputs and experiences generated in the recent years.

Learn more about the EcoDesign Circle project and its extension here.

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