2019 will see s.Pro Sustainable projects working together with 6 partners from Hungary, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, and France on a new project, AQUA-LIT, aiming to combat marine litter resulting from aquaculture activities.

In line with the new EU Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy, AQUA-LIT will provide the aquaculture sector with a toolbox that can showcase existing, under construction and already implemented tools, case studies, best practices, as well as a database that creates links between stakeholders for addressing the three main components of marine littering: prevention and reduction, monitoring and quantification, and removal and recycling. The scope of the toolbox will encompass three sea basins: the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea basins and it will be accessible through an online platform and a mobile app.


s.Pro is founding and managing partner of the SUBMARINER Network, which brings together an unlimited range of public and private actors from all Baltic Sea Region countries in order to promote and realise activities necessary for using marine resources innovatively and sustainably.

s.Pro manages the European MSP Platform financed by the EU Commission in order to provide administrative and technical support to Member States in implementing the MSP Directive through an inter-active website, focal points in all EU sea-basins, targeted technical studies and facilitation of MSP related workshops and conferences.